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Mobile Home Park Tenant Bill Calculator

California Customers Only

Liberty Utilities's Mobile Home Park Tenant Bill Calculation Tool is available to all Mobile Home Park Landlords/Owners in the California area only.

Eligible customers must be served by Liberty Utilities's Schedule DS-1 (Multi-Unit Domestic Service-Submetered) rates for California residents only.

Liberty Utilities's Tenant Bill Calculation Tool is designed to offer Mobile Home Park Owner's in the California service territory a simple way to calculate tenants' monthly electric bill. The bill amounts will be calculated based on customer input and on California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved domestic tariffs. Landlords can then use this tool to print out the calculations and a resulting bill for each tenant.

Please note: That this service is for California Customers Only.


By using this online tool, I acknowledge that the results are based upon the information that I enter and that Liberty Utilities is not responsible for the accuracy of that information or the results generated by the Mobile Home Park Tenant Bill Calculation Tool. These results are not to be used to calculate my electric bill, and I acknowledge that Liberty Utilities will bill me separately for my actual energy usage.

I further understand that the amount of charges calculated by the Mobile Home Park Tenant Bill Calculation Tool is based on the total calculations performed.

By selecting the ‘Reset’ button, the user is able to clear out the contents of the five fields.

Download the calculator

Note: This version of the calculator is an Excel spreadsheet. You will not be allowed to change any values associated with standard rates but you will be able to enter your tenant's billing and usage information and generate bills for your tenants.