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Natural Gas Rates & Tariffs

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

(Revised 04/01/11)

Massachusetts Residential Assistance Adjustment Clause (PDF)

(Updated 4/27/06)

Seasonal Cost of Gas Adjustment Clause (PDF)

(Revised 04/01/11)

Local Distribution Adjustment Clause (PDF)

(Revised 11/09/15)

Revenue Decoupling Adjustment Clause (PDF)

(Revised 05/01/14)

Approved Rate Classifications (PDF)

(Revised 04/01/11)

Winter Rates (PDF)

(Revised 11/01/15)

Peak Transportation Rates (PDF)

(Revised 11/01/15)

Summer Rates (PDF)

(Revised 08/01/15)

Off-Peak Transportation Rates (PDF)

(Revised 05/01/15)

Detailed Local Distribution Adjustment Clause Components (PDF)

(Revised 05/01/15)

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