Iowa Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Liberty Utilities, in conjunction with the Iowa Utility Board is sponsoring programs to promote energy conservation and efficiency to our customers.

High-Efficiency Equipment Rebate

Let us pay you to conserve energy and lower your energy bills. Our Iowa customers may now qualify for rebates to buy ENERGY STAR® rated natural gas furnaces and water heaters.

Weatherization Assistance

Our residential customers in Iowa who qualify for energy-assistance funds may be eligible to receive energy education and weatherization assistance. Liberty Utilities wants to help customers reduce their energy consumption and, thereby, lower their utility bills.

Energy-Efficiency Education

Liberty Utilities is sponsoring energy efficiency awareness curriculum for students in junior high school within the company's service area in Iowa. The goal is to educate students about the importance of energy conservation and to introduce ways to reduce their family's energy consumption through various low- or no-cost conservation measures.