Energy Efficiency Incentives

Save Money and Energy with Natural Gas Appliances

It's a well-known fact that natural gas is the best choice for reliability, comfort and efficiency. With possible state rebates and tax credits and rebates offered by Liberty Utilities, now is the time to buy new, energy-efficient natural gas appliances that will lower your energy use and make your home even more comfortable.

Before you buy a natural gas or other ENERGY STAR® rated home appliance, check out these incentives*:

  • Some states may still offer rebates on ENERGY STAR® rated appliances. Visit the Department of Energy at to find out details for your state.
  • Liberty Utilities also offers rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR® natural gas appliances for customers in Missouri and Iowa.

* Appliance efficiency ratings for each rebate and the tax credit can differ. Be sure to check out applicable dates for all state, federal and Liberty Utilities programs.

Iowa Energy Efficiency Programs

In conjunction with the Iowa Utility Board, Liberty Utilities is sponsoring programs to promote energy conservation and efficiency to our customers.

Missouri Energy Efficiency Programs

In partnership with the Missouri Public Service Commission, Liberty Utilities is sponsoring natural gas appliance rebates, conservation education, and home improvement programs to conserve energy.